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American Territories

[Reprinted from The Debate Link with David’s kind permission.] Can anyone explain to me why America is still in the business of possessing territories that do not have full voting rights? These would include (of places with permanent populations) Puerto … Continue reading

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We Wouldn't

In late 2007, I declared that the upcoming presidential election “is about torture”. I was wrong. It wasn’t. Despite my assertion that torture should stay in the public eye until we come to terms with it and, ultimately, eradicate it, … Continue reading

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Hitting that Dusty Trail

February’s up, and that seems as good a time as any to bring this guesting stint to a close. I want to thank everyone very much for reading, listening, reacting and commenting. I hope you found what I said interesting, … Continue reading

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Jews with Power versus Empowered Jews

It is beyond clear that in the United States, Jews have significant political influence. Many Jews occupy important levels of government, elected and appointed, and others are high profile opinion-influencers and policymakers in the media, in think tanks, and in … Continue reading

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Conveying a Message to the Jews of South Africa

A few weeks after South African minister Fatima Hajaig set off a firestorm by saying much of the world is under the heel of “Jewish money”, it is becoming more and more apparent that this is not a one-off. COSATU, … Continue reading

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Supersessionism and Status Production

Paul Berman gets at something important in this interview: We like to think of hatred of the Jews as a low, base sentiment that is entertained by nasty, ignorant people, wallowing in their own hatefulness. But normally it’s not like … Continue reading

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Settlements and the One State Solution

I’m already pretty firmly on the record that the continued expansion of the settlements poses a massive threat to the viability of the two-state solution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The longer the settlements stay up, many argue, the more entrenched … Continue reading

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The Superseded Jew

This was originally to be Part IV of my anti-Semitism series. I’ve mostly been side-tracked from it — I don’t think the rest of it flows organically from discussions we’ve been having. This post, though, I think remains important on … Continue reading

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I Think You're Insulting Me Wrong

With the ADL charting a disturbing persistence in anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe, and a flurry of anti-Semitic activities racing through the continent over the past month, the head of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, says that he believes that … Continue reading

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The London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism

The London Conference on Combatting Antisemitism has released the following declaration (via HP):

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