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Researchers find shared beliefs between rapists and British “lad mags”

Jezebel reports on a British study which showed people quotes from convicted rapists and from men’s magazines, and asked them to tell which were which, as well as which they agreed with. The University of Surrey reports on the study, … Continue reading

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Open Thread: If This Scene Were In A Novel People Would Call It PC Fantasy

This is an open thread. Please post or discuss whatever you’d like, including self-linking. MSNBC’s photoblog has an excellent feature on Pearl Harbor, including this photo of a group of women of color fighting fires after the attacks: (Click through … Continue reading

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Increased Incarceration And The Decline In Marriage Rates

From economist Marina Adshade’s “Dollars And Sex” blog: New research published in The Review of Economics and Statistics shows that growing incarceration has contributed to declining marriage rates. In fact, this paper finds that about 13% of the decline in … Continue reading

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11th Circuit rules that transgender discrimination is sex-based discrimination

From ThinkProgress: A Georgia transgender woman has won her appeal that she was illegally fired for planning to make her gender transition. Vandy Beth Glenn had been a legislative editor in the Georgia General Assembly, but her supervisor, now-retired legislative … Continue reading

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When We Have A Civil Discussion Of Marriage Equality, It Will Hurt

[Crossposted on Family Scholars Blog.] A civil debate about marriage equality that includes lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people is very challenging. And yet, obviously, a debate about same-sex marriage that excludes LGB people, for example by making them feel … Continue reading

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Republican Primary Open Thread

This is interesting; there’s a little hyperbole in it, but the basic point — that FOX is by far the most important news source for the majority of conservatives, and how that network reports the candidates could change the outcome … Continue reading

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When businesspeople take credit for creating jobs, it is like squirrels taking credit for creating evolution

In Bloomburg, venture capitalist and 1%er Nick Hanauer argues that our popular discourse misunderstands where jobs come from. A long excerpt: As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, I’ve started or helped get off the ground dozens of companies in industries … Continue reading

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Atheists Aren’t Allowed To Buy Billboard Space In Mansfield, Ohio

Mid-Ohio Atheists has the full story.

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I’m so pleased with my new glasses, I’m actually happy the old ones broke

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The Split Among People Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

[Crossposted at Family Scholars Blog] In comments at Family Scholars Blog, responding to Christopher, Elizabeth wrote a very concise summary of the heart of her own (anti-Same Sex Marriage) stance, and also the heart of Christopher’s (pro-SSM) stance. there are … Continue reading

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