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Piers Morgan’s Interview Fail With Janet Mock

Privilege can lead to double-perception; two people look at the same thing and see something entirely different. I used to think of a particular street as a fine place to walk, and was taken aback when a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Promise You’ll Never Do That Again

The Simpsons, 1992: FOX news, yesterday: “You see how easy it is? I could be an international rap star!” “Those lyrics were actually very good.” Wow. Via.

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An Open Letter to the Left

Hello. It’s Jeff. I know, I don’t blog much lately. I’ve been busy. I have a job that’s actually fairly demanding and a 9-year-old kid and a life. Plus, I have to admit, given a choice between writing jeremiads or … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Take a Great Notion to Jump in the River and Drown

Hurricane Irene had barely cleared New York City yesterday when the chattering classes burst forth, proclaiming loudly that we’d all been worried for nothing. The storm was overhyped. Why, there was hardly any damage to the Big Apple! This proved … Continue reading

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Leave it to the voters to decide who is a viable candidate: On the media’s non-coverage of Ron Paul

Kevin Drum and Jonathan Bernstein say essentially the same thing regarding the press deciding not to cover Ron Paul’s campaign, which I’d sum up as: It’s obvious Paul has no chance of being the next President, so the press is … Continue reading

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Humans Had a Nice Run

Our species accomplished a lot in the 200,000 years we were around. The Mona Lisa. Landing on the Moon. The Snuggie. But clearly, our time as masters of our domain is over; there is no question that today’s news represents … Continue reading

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Quote: Make It More Ethnic

I have been on sets before when a director says ‘can you make it more ethnic?’ I always say ‘can you demonstrate to me how you want it done?’ That usually ends it. –Yvette Nicole Brown Reading this article by … Continue reading

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Revise and Extend

So I think I’ve been unfair to Glenn Beck. “But Jeff,” you say, “Glenn Beck is rarely fair to other people. Why should you be fair to him?” Well, dear reader, it’s precisely because I’m not Glenn Beck, and I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Political Speech in the wake of Arizona

There are just a few thoughts I have about all of this that I wanted to share. First, Sarah Palin. As Xeni Jardin says, “I try to avoid blogging about Sarah Palin, for the same reasons I’ve tried to avoid … Continue reading

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Straight Flowing on a Boat in the Deep Blue Sea

Remember James O’Keefe III? Sure you do! He’s the guy who (didn’t actually) dress(ed) as a pimp and shot selectively-edited video in order to bring down ACORN, which thanks to a heavy assist from FOX and Andrew Breitbart, and the … Continue reading

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