Cartoon: Looters!

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I usually post my cartoons on Patreon a week or two (or more!) before I post them in public (like on “Alas”). It’s a way to say “thank you” to the folks supporting my cartoons.

The exception is when I do a cartoon about a current news story. Which I usually don’t – my “beat” is less daily news than it is long-term social justice issues. But sometimes, I really want to comment on something in the news… like with this cartoon. And in those cases, I do post the cartoons in public and here on Patreon on the same day. (I think my patrons would also want a cartoon like this seen while it’s timely.)

I do think looters are a legitimate news story – but they shouldn’t be the story. They’re a part of what’s happening, but a relatively small part. But hoo boy, does the mainstream media looooove them.

I thought of this cartoon on Monday, after reading a tweet from writer/comedian/actress Ashley Nicole Black. She wrote:

I keep seeing news anchors say “It’s unfortunate that the looters are taking attention away from the real issues” while they, the media, talk about looting instead of the real issues.

I sketched out the cartoon Monday night, putting in way too many words, and then my friends Becky and Kip helped me pare it back. (Thanks, y’all!). Then I drew and drew and drew until my shoulder hurt. And here we are!

As always, thanks to my patrons for supporting these cartoons. I really, seriously, honestly couldn’t do this without you.


This cartoon has four panels. All four panels show a news show of some kind, with an anchorman who has very carefully combed hair. In panels one and four, we see the news show on the screen of a smartphone being held in someone’s hand; in panels two and three, we only see what’s on screen. At the bottom left of the screen in every panel is two rows of chyron text, a small block of text on top of a larger block of text.


A smartphone is being held in a hand. On the phone’s screen, we see a news anchor talking seriously, straight to the camera. A graphic on the upper right shows a hand in a striped sleeve holding a bag with “$” on it.

ANCHOR: And worst of all, looters take attention away from real issues!

ANCHOR: Here to talk to us about those issues is Denise Johnson of “Police Accountability Now.” Welcome, Denise.

CHYRON TEXT (upper): We think for you! #News12

CHYRON TEXT (lower):  Looters! Live in fear!


The news screen is now in a split-screen, divided by a vertical line in the middle. On the right, the news anchor is talking with an inquisitive expression. On the left, a middle-aged Black woman, dressed in a professional fashion (blazer, black shirt, necklace) is speaking, with a friendly expression.

DENISE : Thank you for having me on.

ANCHOR: We’ve been talking about looters all day – but what about the underlying issues?

CHYRON TEXT (upper): There’s no #News12 without “ew!”

CHYRON TEXT (lower):  Are Looters Outside Your Door?


The same shot. Denise is now speaking with a serious expression, her hands raised in a “I’m explaining” gesture. The anchor is suddenly angry looking, fists and shoulders raised.

DENISE : Okay. The first big reform we want is demilitarizing the police. Studies-

ANCHOR: Yes, exactly! It’s so frustrating that looters take attention away from proposals like that!

CHYRON TEXT (upper): #News12 is your only friend

CHYRON TEXT (lower):  Looters Stole Your Housepet


Denise has been replaced by a black screen with a little electronic “blip” in the center, indicating that she has disappeared from screen. The anchor is smiling at the camera as he talks.

DENISE: Um… Okay. As I-

ANCHOR: Sorry, Denise, we’re out of time. Next up: Footage of looting!

CHYRON TEXT (upper): #News12 is your mom

CHYRON TEXT (lower):  Looters Looters Ratings Looters

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    c u n d gulag says:


    And there’s also UpChuck Toad’s tired-and-true (sic) line as soon as a liberal/progressive/Democrat is about to make an important point:
    “Well, that’s all the time we have today. Join us again next week on Meet the Republicans!”