DiRico Dialogue’s interviews Barry

Hey, I was on a podcast!

We basically shot the shit about politics and cartooning for 45 minutes, and hopefully I didn’t sound too much like a noodge. But let’s face it, with my vocal qualities, noodge is sort of my natural home.

The host was great Interesting guy, smart, ex-marine, young, intends to run for office someday. Although he sometimes talked to me like I was supposed to be some elder statesman and I was nice about it but inside I was going WTF!!!!!

It’s about 45 minutes long. I had no idea that we were going to be discussing things like “What happened with Bush v Gore? Explain that to me,” or the origins of the Electoral College, so I’m hoping I didn’t get too many details wrong.

DiRico Dialogue’s Episode 4: Talking Politics and Comics w/ Barry Deutsch.

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