Comment editor isn’t working

Hey, folks.

The comment editor Alas uses, “Ajax Edit Comments,” has stopped working. This was probably caused, in some way, by a recent server upgrade.

For me (and, I take it from some comments, for other folks), there’s a “Are you sure you want to do this?” error when I try to use the plugin to edit a comment.

I tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin; no luck.

Unfortunately, I don’t see how to proceed here (other than for us to live without comment editing, of course). But I’m open to suggestions.

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3 Responses to Comment editor isn’t working

  1. 1
    Grace Annam says:

    That’s… a really disturbing gif.


  2. 2
    william says:

    Comment editor test.

  3. 3
    Jake Squid says:

    Comments no longer remembers me. It’s been that way for a few days. Doesn’t matter what computer like substance I use, I have to re-enter my name & email every time.