Cartoon: Muslim Ban


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This is another one inspired by current events (as I’m sure you’ve already figured out). The point being made – that folks favoring the Muslim ban because of terrorist attacks would never hold Christians, white people, or men to the same standard – is obvious, but sometimes it’s important to make these obvious points. (And make them again, and again, and again….)

In my first draft script, two of the panels referred to Christianity. I changed that because many Christians have been advocating for the US’s duty to help refugees, and in light of that I didn’t want to seem to be picking on Christians. So I changed one of the panels to be talking about men and mass-murder, instead. And having three different topics (four including the last panel) improves the cartoon.

Artwise, I felt it was important to get this strip out promptly, so some of the things I sometimes do (full backgrounds, nine-panel strips, etc) weren’t right for this strip. Instead, I focused on keeping the drawings loose and lively (as best as I can, anyhow – my drawings usually come out stiffer than I’d prefer). I also worked on making each of the characters from the first three panels very distinct and clear, so that they’d be recognizable as the same characters when they reappeared in the final panel.

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Panel 1
A woman with cat’s-eye glasses is anxiously explaining something.
GLASSES WOMAN: The people who murder abortion doctors don’t represent Christianity.

Panel 2
A man in a suit and tie is explaining something, looking very concerned and raising his arms for emphasis.
SUIT MAN: The white guy who shot up a Sikh temple was just one guy. We can’t tar all white people with that brush!

Panel 3
A balding man in a black t-shirt is speaking calmly, his arms crossed.
BLACK TEE MAN: Sure, about 98% of mass murders are committed by men. But the vast majority of men are nothing like that!

Panel 4
A new character, a woman with black hair and reading from a smartphone, has entered. The three characters from the first three panels are reacting with panic and yelling.
NEW WOMAN: “Police speculate that the attacker may have been Muslim–”

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  1. A worthwhile review essay from Harper’s (pdf link) on four books about Islam.

  2. 102
    Ortvin Sarapuu says:

    “the Boston Marathon bombers are/were from Russia.”

    One was from Russia, one was from Kyrgyzstan.