Open Thread and Link Farm: Just Wash Your Hands Edition


  1. Daughters Will Suffer From Medicaid Cuts – The New York Times
    “The burden [of elder parent care] is particularly demanding for daughters, who spend as much time on such care as spouses of older adults, and as much time as sons, in-laws, grandchildren and other relatives combined.” (Indirect link.) Thanks Grace!
  2. Why Are So Many Young Voters Falling for Old Socialists? – The New York Times
    “Britain and the United States used to have parties that at least pledged allegiance to workers. Since the 1970s, and accelerating in the ’80s and ’90s, the left-wing planks have one by one been ripped from their platforms.” Again, hat tip to Grace. (Indirect link.)
  3. For Foster Teens Seeking Abortion, Going to Court May Be the Only Option – Rewire
    Grace says: ” Remember my post on restricting access to abortion, a few years ago? I missed a spot.”
  4. This 2016 HuffPost article, “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal,” was disgusting when it was published over a year ago; it seems even worse now that Otto Warmbier has died.
  5. Mathematician turns Juno images into stunning Jupiter flyby video: Digital Photography Review
  6. News media do under-report some terror attacks – just not those involving Islamist extremists | The Independent
  7. Lawmakers across the US are finding ways to turn protesting into a crime – Vox
    So much for conservatives’ commitment to free speech.
  8. How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science – The New York Times
    At this point, very few GOP leaders would dare speak out in favor of climate science. It really makes me despair. The Times article blames Obama for using executive powers to address climate change, but what other approach was possible?  And it exaggerates how willing to accept science the GOP was during McCain’s run, although it certainly was better than it is now. (Indirect link.)
  9. NEW YORK 1911 | MoMA
    Amazingly clear film footage of NYC in 1911. Mostly just street scenes, almost entirely of white men, but still fascinating to me. I forget how universal hats once were.
  10. Don’t just blame Trump for quitting the Paris deal — blame the Republican Party – Vox
    Trump isn’t an outlier on this one; his ignorance and his denial of science lies firmly in the mainstream of his party.
  11. The Myth of the Kindly General Lee – The Atlantic
  12. Far right raises £50,000 to target boats on refugee rescue missions in Med | World news | The Guardian
    “Far-right activists are planning a sea campaign this summer to disrupt vessels saving refugees in the Mediterranean, after successfully intercepting a rescue mission last month.” Perhaps not legally, but morally this is basically murder.
  13. On Harvard and Humor – In A Crowded Theater
    A blog post (which I mostly agree with) criticizing Harvard’s decision to rescind acceptances of students who had a private online conversation where they exchanged offensive memes. There’s also a follow-up post in which she addresses some criticisms of the first post.
  14. Body-cam study: Oakland police spoke less respectfully to black people – San Francisco Chronicle
  15. Amazon Patents Method to Prevent In-store Comparison Shopping
  16. Obama / Trump / Caesar – Rob Melrose – Medium
    Essay from the director of the Obama Caesar about the current controversy with the Trump Caesar. Apparently the controversy was started by a Brietbart writer who hadn’t actually seen the play and who thinks it ends with the death of Caesar.
  17. Nevada’s legislature just passed a radical plan to let anybody sign up for Medicaid – Vox
    Calling it a “plan” is a bit of an exaggeration – essential details are lacking. But still, this is potentially very exciting. UPDATE: Nevada governor Sandoval vetoes Medicaid-for-all plan. That’s too bad, but I won’t be surprised if this comes up again.
  18. How Many People Are Wrongly Convicted? Researchers Do the Math. – Phenomena: Only Human
    They estimate that about 4% (!) of prisoners on death row are innocent.
  19. Eager To Burst His Own Bubble, A Techie Made Apps To Randomize His Life : All Tech Considered : NPR
    I saw someone on Twitter criticize this person for being privileged, to be able to assume that he could go to any public event (including parties thrown by people he’d never met) and be welcomed. If so, I think it’s one of those privileges that we should want all kinds of people to have, not a privilege that we should want wealthy white men to stop having.
  20. 3 ways Senate Republicans can pass Obamacare repeal – Vox
  21. Silver lining watch: Republicans are about to make Medicare-for-all much more likely – Vox
    “If Republicans strike down Obamacare, the ‘Medicare for all’ movement will become more powerful than they can imagine.”
  22. The real reason Republicans can’t answer simple questions about their health care bill – Vox
    Because the bill itself – which is cuts health care for millions of people and uses the savings for a tax cut for the rich – is too odious for them to risk talking honestly about it.
  23. Maria Tiurina: My Giant Watercolor “Eden”
    Inspired by Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights.”

Maria Tiurina eden

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    Grace Annam says:

    Thinking back to the bit of conversation about toxic masculinity, here’s an analysis of what happens when a powerful man cares too much about who’s laughing at whom: