Cartoon: 36 Annoying Anti-Feminists (revised and expanded!)


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You may remember an earlier version of this cartoon, which had only 32 anti-feminists.

After this cartoon was first published, I got a lot of criticism. Some of it was the expected mindless anger (I hope you die, you’re just trying to get laid, etc etc) from the less intelligent anti-feminists. Some of the comments from the smarter anti-feminists were actually helpful (for instance, if a lot of people misread the same panel in the same way, that’s a panel I can clarify).

But the comments that really made me want to revise the cartoon came from feminists who reminded me of some anti-feminists I missed. (Indeed, on reading this, one of my housemate’s first comment was “where’s the bitter divorced guy?”) I had a little free time during my New York City trip, so I decided to add in four of the anti-feminists I missed last time. And while I was doing that, I thought I’d revise some of the old panels. For instance, in the first version of Mr. Buzzword, I somehow forgot to include the word “snowflake,” an omission that has bothered me ever since. :-)

(In one case – “the comparison shopper” – I completely redrew the art. The original drawing for that showed an angry character. Anger seemed like the wrong emotion entirely, so I drew a different character who was more snotty than angry. The original, angry character drawing got moved to the “kicker” panel below the bottom of the strip.)

If you want to just skip to the new ones, they are panels 31-35 – that is, the fifth-to-last to the second-to-last panels.

Transcript of cartoon is below the cut.

Transcript of cartoon:
Title At Top of Cartoon: 36 Annoying Anti-Feminists you will meet on the internet

Panel 1
(A wide-eyed man wearing a plaid shirt waves his hands above his head to make it clear he’s talking about a BIG deal.)
Panel Title: The Molehill Grower
Man: A feminist on twitter got her punctuation wrong… Clearly the whole movement has no legitimacy!

Panel 2
(A scholarly looking man with reading glasses, a sweater vest and a pleasant demeanor raises one hand in a “just explaining things” manner.)
Panel Title: The Economist
Man: Sexism can’t exist, because the free market is perfect! So if employers pay women less, women must be worth less!

Panel 3
(A quivering man with huge eyes and a very intense expression holds up a diagram showing a midsection; three arrows on the diagram point to a tiny dot within the midsection.)
Panel Title: The Fetusphile
Man: This is a zygote! It matters infinitely more than its oven does!

Panel 4
(A scruffy-looking man with a grumpy expression stands in a spotlight, speaking into a handheld microphone.)
Panel Title: The Comedian
Man: Feminists only criticize my “edgy” rape jokes because they have no sense of humor!

Panel 5
(A suit-wearing man with carefully styled hair and a devout expression holds a bible to his heart. In he backgrund, a woman clutches her hands together in an “oh please” expression.)
Panel Title: God Told Him So
Man: Feminism tells women to leave their husbands, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians!
Woman: Where do I sign?

Panel 6
(A man with glasses and a sad expression, cartoon sweat droplet flying from his face, is looking at book with the title “Yearbook” and yelling with an anguished expression.)
Panel Title: Not Yet Over High School
Man: Why wouldn’t the hot girls date me? WHHYYY?

Panel 7
(A young, fit-looking guy wearing a sweatshirt shrugs with bewilderment.)
Panel Title: The Douchebro
Man: Find out if she wants sex before I f**k her? How would that even work?

Panel 8
(A man with a long white beard, sunglasses, and a short buzzcut, stand with his arms crossed.)
Panel Title: The Scholar
Man: After extensive pursual of Wikipedia, I fail to see any difference between feminists and Nazis!

Panel 9
(A slightly smug-looking young woman in a striped shirt stands smiling, holding up a sign that says “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men!”)
Panel Title: The Good Girl

Panel 10
(A young man with long hair in a ponytail and a short chin-only beard addresses the viewer cheerfully while holding a pen and notepad.)
Panel Title: The Rationalist
Man: My objective logic proves white men objectively deserve everything we have because we’re so super objective!

Panel 11
(A young woman stands, holding a beer and looking a bit annoyed, as a young man holds up a finger to indicate “wait” while reading a book with the title “How To Pick Up Girls.”)
Panel Title: The Pick-Up Artist
Man: It says to “neg” you now.

Panel 12
(A man sits at a computer, waving his fists, cartoon sweat droplets flying, apparently overcome with fury.)
Panel Title: The Gamergater
Man: How dare feminists say some gamers are sexist? @#%*ing whores!

Panel 13
(A 30ish man with a small beard and his nose stuck high in the air is speaking, arms folded.)
Panel Title: The Comparison Shopper
Man: U.S. Women should be embarassed to whine about “sexism” when Saudi Arabia is so much worse!
Arrow-shaped caption pointing to man: Deeply distressed by anti-male bias in “Harry Potter.”

Panel 14
(A middle-aged man wearing a bathrobe and sunglasses grins while holding a glass of wine.)
Panel Title: Creepy
Man: When you think about it, it’s natural that teen girls are attracted to middle-aged men. Wanna see my hot tub?

Panel 15
(A young man spreads his hands wide, in an “oh come on!” sort of gesture.)
Panel Title: Won’t Get Fooled Again
Man: If females aren’t liars, then why do they wear makeup? Huh? Why? Explain!

Panel 16
(A man with stubble and spikey hair, and weird wide eyes, a huge scowling mouth, and fist held balled up at shoulder height, is yelling. He trembles with rage.)
Panel Title: Mr Buzzword
Man: PC militant misandrist cultural Marxist gynocentric authoritarian cuck snowflack SJW gender troglodytes!

Panel 17
(A 30ish man with short black hair speaks angrily towards the viewer. In the background, a cheerful young woman stands, arms akimbo.)
Panel Title: Going His Own Way
Man: This 20 year old doesn’t want to sleep with me so I’m giving up women forever!
Woman: Promises, promises…

Panel 18
(A young man stands with his back mostly to the viewer, trembling with suppressed emotion. We can see a bit of his face; he has a distressed expression, and is trembling.)
Panel Title: The Open Wound
Man: Hearing people defend feminism is so painful it might kill me! …I demand that you defend feminism!

Panel 19
(A young man, wearing a tank top with a “male symbol” circle and arrow on it, points straight at the viewer and has an accusing expression.)
Panel Title: He’s Rubber, You’re Glue
Man: Feminazis are the real misogynists!

Panel 20
(A nicely-dressed woman with cats eye glasses and a fashionable haircut holds up a finger to make a point.)
Panel Title: The That’s Not Real Rape Lady
Woman: But if she didn’t say “no” a fifth time, then…

Panel 21
(A man with messy hair yells hugely into the air.)
Panel Title: Back Away Slowly
Man: Females have conspired to lower men’s sperm counts!

Panel 22
(A man with a very intense expression and a t-shirt that says “Red Pill” speaks to the viewer.)
Panel Title: Back Away Quickly
Man: Women control the sexual market so I am forced to “go alpha” and “take control” in a way that just barely falls short of rape!

Panel 23
(A smiling man with a dark suit and slicked-back hair speaks, looking relaxed and confident.)
Panel Title: The SpokesMAN
Man: As a man, I know all real men hate feminism! Because that’s how manly men roll!

Panel 24
(We see a door with wooden planks nailed across it to lock it closed. Next to the door a sign has been taped to the wall, which says “keep OUT!” There is a slot in the door; a voice comes out from the slot.)
Panel Title: Wee Bit Paranoid

Panel 25
(A cheerful young man with curly hair sits in front of a laptop computer.)
Panel Title: The Amazing Twitterman!
Man: I will prove this feminist wrong by tweeting an anonymous rape threat!

Panel 26
(A balding man, looking honestly bewildered, holds out a hand in explanation.)
Panel Title: It’s Science!
Man: How can feminists deny that women evolved to love dusting? Clearly they’re anti-science!

Panel 27
(A man, very close up, screams in the viewers face, wide mouth and sweat droplets flying.)
Panel Title: The Swiss Army Knife Of Hate
Man: Feminazis! And race pimps! And moose limbs! And Jews! And…

Panel 28
(A woman, smiling, stands in an enormous pile of money. From off-panel, a hand shoots out, holding papers out to her.)
Panel Title: The Anti-Feminist Feminist
Woman: Speaking as a feminist, feminism is evil! Oh, look, another book contract.

Panel 29
(A young man is talking at a woman in the foreground, waving his hands around his head.)
Panel Title: The Subject Changer
Man: And speaking of whatever it is you’re talking about, male circumcision is worse than Hitler!

Panel 30
(An older, professorial man, holding a pipe, looks down his nose at the viewer.)
Panel Title: The Traditionalist
Man: Women hold jobs now? I despair for the ruin of our once-great society…

Panel 31
(A muscular man speaks, smiling and relaxed and perhaps a bit smug.)
Panel Title: The Anti-Male Anti-Feminist
Man: Men can’t be expected to refrain when women wear short skirts… because all men are beasts!

Panel 32
(A sock puppet of a young woman with a striped hoodie is being held up, the arm of the person holding it coming up from below the bottom of the panel.)
Panel Title: The Sock Puppet
Puppet: Brad is right! Feminazis do hate men! So says I, a total stranger who just happened to come across this discussion.

Panel 33
(A well-dressed man with glasses speaks, eyebrows knitted with anger.)
Panel Title: The “Divorce Opened My Eyes” Guy
Man: The government forces me to pay child support. Now I see that men are slaves.

Panel 34
A somewhat hippie-looking guy – long hair in a ponytail, plaid shirt – is speaking, a smile on his face, but with condescending body language.
Panel Title: The Marxist
Man: I strongly support feminism! (Until it distracts from actually important issues like class.)

Panel 35
(A person with ambiguous gender speaks very intensely, one finger pointing into the air to make a point.)
Panel Title: The Free Speech Purist
Person: Accusing others of sexism is trying to shut them up which is censorship! Which is why you should shut up.

Panel 36
(An intense man, reading off an incredibly long list he holds up in one hand, glares at another man in the foreground.)
Panel Title: The Cartoon Critic
INTENSE MAN: It’s a list of 406 ways your vomit-worthy travesty of a “cartoon” is dishonest, deceitful and full of lies!

Kicker panel below bottom of strip.
(And older, very angry man in a striped shirt shakes his fist in the air as he speaks.)
Man: He only made this cartoon because he’s hoping it’ll get him laid! Pathetic cuck loser!

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17 Responses to Cartoon: 36 Annoying Anti-Feminists (revised and expanded!)

  1. 1
    gin-and-whiskey says:

    OK, time to play favorites. I vote “Traditionalist.” I think you got the head angle juuuuust right.

    I like them all, though. Who is the feminist antifeminist supposed to be?

  2. 2
    Ortvin Sarapuu says:

    I like it how you parody people who criticise your cartoons. If only there were more artists who had the courage to attack their critics, like Kevin Smith or Anne Rice…

  3. 4
    Ampersand says:

    If only there were more artists who had the courage to attack their critics, like Kevin Smith or Anne Rice…

    When did Kevin Smith and Anne Rice criticize me?

  4. 5
    Doug S. says:

    I really hope “The Rationalist” isn’t a reference to LessWrong and its spinoff community…

  5. 6
    Ortvin Sarapuu says:

    @Doug: Despite what LessWrong might tell you, they neither invented the concept of rationalism nor have a monopoly on its expression.

  6. 7
    Ampersand says:

    @Doug: Although I’ve certainly read people from LessWrong (and the related groups) who take the sort of positions that panel is parodying, I’ve also read many from LW et al who would never take such a position, or who would actively oppose such a position. So no, I didn’t intend that panel to be about LessWrong et al.

  7. 8
    Humble Talent says:

    I’m disappointed. I don’t think I’m represented up there at all, but I’m certain you find me annoying.

  8. 11
    Eytan Zweig says:

    There’s definitely a significant faction among feminists that are anti-porn, but the UK laws have very little to do with that, and are motivated by the more traditional Christian morality police. Also, the Iceland pornography ban never actually happened.

    This is debatable, but I’d say anyone who hears “some feminists are anti-pornography and lobby for anti-porn laws” and takes it to mean “barricade your doors or they’ll take your porn!” counts as paranoid. Especially if those people aren’t also terrified of Christianity.

  9. 12
    Ampersand says:

    What Eytan said.

    The UK bill was introduced to Parliament by John Whittingdale, who is also anti-marriage equality and anti-equal-pay-bills. He seems unlikely to be a feminist.

  10. 13
    jokuvaan says:

    It is one of the matters where feminists as a movement and conservative christians have a mutual interest.
    Besides its much less strange than feminists victim blaming rape victims because the perpetrators are part of a not mainstream rape culture.
    Or go on rampage because one man compared women to cars and shoes but remain silent and outright refuse to adress the issue when in only one year rape is increased by 11.1 % and sexual harassment by 87.32 % !!
    Decades of work to improve gender equality flushed down the toilet in a instant and feminists couldn’t care less.

    We need that kind of feminism about as much as environmentalists refusing to use excess cooling water of a already existing nuclear powerplant, only to build a coal powerplant.

  11. 14
    Sarah says:

    Jokuvaan, do you have more information you can point me to about those things? I’m struggling to recognize any recent events that fit those descriptions. I’d especially appreciate context on the statistics about rape and sexual harassment increases – is that a year-over-year increase in reports to the police (and in what country?), or respondents in an anonymous survey who reported more of those experiences within the last year than the respondents in a previous survey did, or what?

  12. 15
    Eytan Zweig says:

    Jokuvaan – I note that your response totally shifted the nature of your criticism of feminism, dropping the issue of whether paranoia over porn is justified completely. Does that mean that you concede that your argument there was incorrect?

    (Also, your reference to “feminism as a movement” is either ignorant or deliberately over-simplistic, as this is a highly contentious topic among feminists).

  13. 16
    Eytan Zweig says:

    Sarah – I tried googling the values that Jokuvaan gave as well as looking in some likely source (such as sites where I would expect this sort of criticism of feminism), and I haven’t been able to find a single place that mentions them, let alone cites evidence. So I’m very interested in hearing what Jokuvaan says.

  14. 17
    jokuvaan says:

    ” is that a year-over-year increase in reports to the police”


    “and in what country?”

    Finland, one of the countries in europe that does report it.

    But we can see that the same effect takes place in other countries affected by the same trend.

    “I’m struggling to recognize any recent events that fit those descriptions.”
    Well to be fair its happening in Europe.

    “Jokuvaan – I note that your response totally shifted the nature of your criticism of feminism, dropping the issue of whether paranoia over porn is justified completely. Does that mean that you concede that your argument there was incorrect?”

    No. Just because it won’t happen anytime soon does not mean that it won’t happen if factions supporting it gain enough momentum.
    And at that point its sort of late.

    “(Also, your reference to “feminism as a movement” is either ignorant or deliberately over-simplistic, as this is a highly contentious topic among feminists).”

    Yes it is deliberately overly simplistic but the other side has little authority over feminist organisations that represent feminism in the political spectrum so in this context what feminism really means is mostly semantics.