Cartoon: How Trumpcare Helps Ordinary Americans



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Special shout-out to my talented collaborator on this cartoon, Mr. Adrian Wallace!

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This is a single panel cartoon.

The cartoon shows three giants, in fancy dinner dress, at a dining table. The room screams “wealth”; the chairs are fancy, the windows are huge, the wall is pillared, etc. The table is also fancy, with expensive-looking chairs and a fancy lace tablecloth.

Lying on the table is a woman with a grimace of pain and fear, who is labeled “Medicaid.” The three giants are ripping away huge chunks of her body and eating the chunks.

In front of these scene stands an ordinary-sized human, a white man wearing a suit and tie. He is smiling and talking directly to readers.

MAN: Our plan is all about helping ordinary Americans.

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5 Responses to Cartoon: How Trumpcare Helps Ordinary Americans

  1. 1
    pillsy says:

    This one is, appropriately enough, viscerally repellent instead of funny,

  2. 3
    Ampersand says:

    Thanks! I was happy with how the dentals turned out.

  3. 4
    nobody.really says:

    This one is, appropriately enough, viscerally repellent instead of funny.

    What phillsy said.

    I’m trying to understand my reaction to this one, compared with my reaction to McConnell chopping down the Medicaid tree. This one seems angrier and less funny. The busier drawing, the more detailed background, the lavishly-drawn teeth, all suggest a kind of fury that seems didactic, not funny. I understand the goal of demonstrating that the beneficiaries are rich. But somehow all this detail distracts from the punchline.

    In contrast, the simpler, wry style of the McConnell drawing comes across as a more deadpan delivery. The fact that everything McConnell says come across as deadpan only boosts the humor.

    Drawing styles aside, the McConnell cartoon had an advantage of substance. The fact that ObamaCare repeal would be regressive is not an especially new idea. But the McConnell cartoon also illustrated a crucial point—that the bill seeks not merely to repeal ObamaCare, but to roll back Medicaid generally—that I had not previously appreciated.

    One final, perhaps not incidental, note: The teeth creep me out. Not just in this cartoon; in other cartoons, too. I find them off-putting. Can’t say why, exactly. You do plenty of cartoons in which characters have oversized heads, a la Peanuts, and they seem inoffensive and conventional, if not charming and droll. But once the teeth come out, it’s a different matter. The teeth are certainly visually arresting, but I encourage you to use them sparingly.

  4. 5
    John says:

    This one perfectly pictures what Trumpcare does to the american people. Abusing the common good.