Mens Rights Activists, Feminism, and Male Workplace Deaths

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This cartoon was done months ago, for “Dollars & Sense Magazine,” but I guess I forgot to post it here on “Alas.” So… here it is!

Transcript of cartoon:


It’s outdoors; we can see a row of houses in the background, and some green space with trees. A woman with glasses and a yellow zip-up blouse turns, as if surprised by the man talking to her. The man has blonde hair and is wearing a yellow and orange striped shirt.

MAN: Did you know that 93% of workplace deaths happen to men? But feminists do nothing!


The woman puts a finger on her chin, in a “I’m thinking” gesture. The man looks uninterested.

WOMAN: Something should be DONE! How about stronger unions, so workers could DEMAND safer workplaces?
MAN: Meh.


The woman continues talking. The man turns away, looking placidly bored, his hands in his pant pockets.

WOMAN: How about strengthening OSHA, so works safety laws are actually enforced?
MAN: Whatever.


The man suddenly is yelling in the woman’s face, arms wide, fists clenched, totally engaged. The woman flinches back in surprise.

WOMAN: So how do you think we should–

Since I’ve more than once been accused of attacking a strawman for this strip, here’s “Fidelbogen”, an editor at A Voice for Men (the biggest MRA website), explaining that he thinks attacking feminism is more important than activism to help men.

Fidelbogen says it more explicitly than most, but you don’t have to argue with MRAs very long to realize that, for most, their passion is all about attacking feminism, with minimal or no interest in activism to help men.

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One Response to Mens Rights Activists, Feminism, and Male Workplace Deaths

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    Jokuvaan says:

    Nowadays when people want to annoy feminists they just point out the feminist
    indifference to the increasing rape, sexual harassment and other related crimes in Europe.
    Well unless its a radical feminist. They at least have remained consistent.

    Then again this might be more common in the US.