Disability Blog Carnival begins

Penny Richards at Disability Studies, Temple, U., has decided it’s time for the Disability Blog Carnival to begin. She’s been posting monthly crip blog roundups, and the last one was both amazing and impressively long. And remember Goldfish’s Blog Against Disablism Day? That one-time event ended up involving well over one hundred bloggers. So I think this is long overdue.

Generally, the carnival will be about disability, disability studies, and disability rights. Hopefully, people from a variety of backgrounds and disability experiences will jump in to participate.

The first carnival will be held on Thursday, October 12 at Disability Studies, Temple U. Deadline for submissions is Monday, October 9. It’s already been noted that submission through the blog carnival site is problematic for those using screen-readers because of the CAPTCHA thingy, so contact Penny at her site to submit or ask further questions. Or to host a future carnival.

I’m hosting the following one, October 26, at The Gimp Parade, and I’ll be posting details soon about that.

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