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No on Prop. 8 from Equality California

Another video ad against California’s Prop 8. Video description: The 30-second video begins and ends with a woman holding an infant. She and several other people address the camera directly: “I don’t want my kids to grow up with discrimination, … Continue reading

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McCain can't use a computer because he's disabled

Hiya everyone! Remember me? I haven’t been blogging much in past months — just rather random posts at my own blog — but I’m hoping to get back to writing and participating here again. Starting with this latest, crossposted. About … Continue reading

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RIP Harriet McBryde Johnson, 1957-2008

Overwhelmingly sad news today: Harriet McBryde Johnson has died at age 50. Image description: The photo shows Johnson in a flowered-print navy dress looking toward the camera. She sits in her wheelchair, though the image is a close-up focusing on … Continue reading

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Check out the 37th edition of the Disability Blog Carnival

Did you know that Dorothea Lange, famed Depression-era photographer, had polio and that her experience with disability informed her work? Ms. CripChick presents the latest Disability Blog Carnival on Disability Culture and Identity: “Here They Come!” “I think it was … Continue reading

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Check out Disability Blog Carnival #36

The latest Disability Blog Carnival is now up at Abnormal Diversity where the theme is Abuse. I submitted a post on something that happened to me about two years ago, and there’s much more to read on the topic. Check … Continue reading

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Planning health care in a disaster

From the Sacramento Bee: Older, sicker patients could be allowed to die in order to save the lives of patients more likely to survive a massive disaster, bioterror attack or influenza pandemic in California. It’s not how nurses and doctors … Continue reading

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Praying with Lior

I’ve heard good things about a new documentary film, Praying with Lior, only opening now in a few cities and playing primarily at Jewish film festivals. From the film’s website: An engrossing, wrenching and tender documentary film, Praying with Lior … Continue reading

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Pedro Guzman sues government

From the AP story: A wrongly deported U.S. citizen who was missing for months in Mexico sued the Department of Homeland Security and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday. Pedro Guzman, 30, who is mentally disabled, was deported … Continue reading

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Latimer paroled

Through the appeals process, the decision to deny Robert Latimer parole has been overturned: After seven years in prison for killing his severely disabled daughter, Robert Latimer will be freed on day parole this week. The appeal division of the … Continue reading

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Things That Crack Me Up #37

This is a the latest of a series at my blog, usually consisting of an amusing visual image about disability. Visual descriptions are meant to both assist those who cannot view the image well, and encourage discussion when others see … Continue reading

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