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My wife pointed me to an excellent, if infuriating, blog last night, and I was up until 2 AM reading through it. Microaggressions is a blog about the little daily fuck-yous that populate the world if your race, gender, ethnicity, … Continue reading

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BFP's new blog: Flip Flopping Joy

Flip Flopping Joy. Get bookmarkin’, folks. (Just one thing, BFP: How about a full-text RSS feed? Pretty-please?)

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Hip-Hop Fridays: "Suffering silent/Is a global issue."

I know it’s Saturday; but that’s the title of the podcast series. ;-) This weeks featured artist is Mystic.

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Random Tuesday Linky Things

 Scott at World-o-Crap disassembles an awesome Carey Roberts column, in which Mr. Roberts proclaims, “Hey girls, want to get skanky? Well, sashay down to your local abuse shelter and get buzzed!” Via Amanda, news that the Mounties spied on women’s … Continue reading

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RIP Harriet McBryde Johnson, 1957-2008

Overwhelmingly sad news today: Harriet McBryde Johnson has died at age 50. Image description: The photo shows Johnson in a flowered-print navy dress looking toward the camera. She sits in her wheelchair, though the image is a close-up focusing on … Continue reading

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50th Carnival Of Feminists

At The Jaded Hippy. Fifty! How neat.

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Open Link & Comment Thread

Feel free to post whatever links you’d like here, including links to your own stuff. “Promoted” from the comments: The recent Carnival of Feminist Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Bean, meanwhile, emailed me telling me … Continue reading

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In “Blackface/Yellowface/*face” Wheelchair Dancer muses about identity politics, performance arts and disability culture: Despite years of discrimination and oppression and despite a history that is as appalling as the histories of other minoritized groups, there is no performing arts context … Continue reading

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The 49th Carnival of Feminists

At Day In A Wannabe Punk’s Life.

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Best of 2007

I wasn’t going to offer a Best of 2007 list of my posts this early because I’m an optimist and I like to think genius may strike me in the next three weeks. But for those who may be reading … Continue reading

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