Check out Disability Blog Carnival #36

The latest Disability Blog Carnival is now up at Abnormal Diversity where the theme is Abuse. I submitted a post on something that happened to me about two years ago, and there’s much more to read on the topic. Check it out.

Disability Blog Carnival icon of Frida KahloThe next Disability Blog Carnival will be on May 8 at CripChick’s. The theme will be Disability Identity and Culture. From CripChick:

Here are some topic ideas!:
• What is disability identity? If you are disabled, do you feel disability is a part of you and your experience?
• What is disability culture to you? How do you put it out there or live it every day?
• Does disability intersect with your other identities (i.e. queer person, person of color, person of faith, etc.)?
• Is pride, community, or the Disability Rights Movement important to you? Why or why not?
• How do you feel about the word disabled? Is it a political term with power to you or do you despise it?
• Do you see disability outside of a rights framework (i.e. is disability something that is more than advocacy to you?)
• If you identify with the autistic acceptance movement, the deaf community, or other groups, how do you feel about disability? Many people do not want to associate with the disability community— how do you feel about this?
• Have you felt alienated [left out] from the disability community because of racism, exclusion because of your disability, the media or other factors? How has this affected your identity as a disabled person?

And some topic ideas for allies:
• Why is disability important to your work or politics?
• How do you feel about the Disability Rights Movement and what would you say to activists who downplay this movement or even disability as an important social justice issue?
• How do you see disability intersecting with feminism, reproductive justice [movement that focuses on ALL people having ALL control of their bodies], and other movements that work to end oppression?
• What do you see in your role as an ally?

CripChick also provides a list of resources for anyone wanting to bone up on the topic before participating. Deadline for submissions is May 4. The carnival submission form is available here, or leave a comment with your submission’s link at CripChick’s, or email her with the info at consciouslycrip [at] gmail [dot] com.

Other recent Disability Blog Carnivals have been at Reimer Reason on the theme of The Hardest Part, Andrea’s Buzzing About on Breaking Out, Wheelie Catholic on Appreciating Allies, and Sunny Dreamer on Standing Outside the Fire.

Image description: The icon above, provided by CripChick for the upcoming carnival at her place is a color image of a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo with the words “DISABILITY BLOG CARNIVAL” in bold black type across the painting. The image is a close-up of Frida in her wheelchair from the 1951 painting “Self-Portrait with Portrait of Dr. Farill.” described in detail in both English and Spanish here.

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    shazia sahmim says:

    Excellent carnival…maza a gia

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