Saturday Slumgullion #13

I love doing these slumgullions, but with the first Disability Blog Carnival coming up at Disability Studies, Temple U. I may focus here more on non-blog slumgullionish stuff. Or maybe there will be so much disability blogging I can gather the leftovers here. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Mark Boatman at Nodakwheeler had planned to escape the South Dakota nursing home he was stuck in (because of the state’s lack of funding for in-home care) last May, but it didn’t go as planned. Happily, he has recently made a successful break and is enjoying his freedom in Montana.

People just wouldn’t talk to me. It is one of those things that is hard to put your finger on. Like there are a thousand little ways that people disregard you. And if you looked at each one, you may not think it is a big deal, and some individuals may have even had a very legitimate excuse that has nothing to do with you, but when you put them all together over time…you can only conclude that a large number of people really don’t have any interest in getting to know you. I asked people out for coffee and I got turned down every time. I would go up to people and talk and they would make a hasty exit. Once this woman came up and talked to me and I was fiddling around with my hearing aid from having been using the FM system. I said, “I’m sorry, my hearing aid wasn’t working and I didn’t get all that you said.” She said, “So you just let me go on talking when you couldn’t hear me?” I said I got the gist of what she said but I might have missed some things. She made a hasty exit and has never talked to me again. I have even said hi to her by name and she doesn’t even say hi back. I used to go home from church after this stuff would happen again and again and just feel like crap. Part of it was just asking myself what I was doing wrong or that was so awful? If the Unitarian Universalist can’t deal with me, who can?

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    Nomen Nescio says:

    Suzuki unveils prototype fuel cell electric wheelchair. Um, I think it looks like a uncomfortable tinker toy, but it is interesting.

    aww, makes me think of a four-wheeled aibo.

    seriously, it likely is an uncomfortable tinker toy; prototype, and all that. but if they can perfect the fuel-cell power supply, it should be possible to create a plug-in replacement for regular electric wheelchairs’ batteries (or a near-plug-in replacement, anyway) with much better endurance and performance, not to mention faster “recharging”. the same technology could, in theory, replace most applications of regular batteries, or at least regular lead-acid batteries. most interesting, indeed!

  5. 5
    The Grouch says:

    Gosh, I think it’s just lovely that NeoNatalDoc feels entitled to tell us what parents who terminate pregnancies with disabled fetuses are “really” thinking.

  6. 6
    wookie says:

    Grouch, I’m with you on that whole thread. Because you know, everyone in the entire world who makes a horrificly hard decision where there is nothing but lose-lose scenarios is obviously a self-centered asshole to the n-th degree. I know a lot of self-centered a-holes, but I know no one who would make that decision “easily” and for “convenience”.

    Can any issue ever be so one-sided?

    However, the right-wing disability video I found hysterical. And yes, I am half-German!