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Open Thread and Link Farm, No I Said She Was A PEPSI Head Edition

Long-running baboon war at Toronto Zoo comes to an end – California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers – The New York Times Reminds me of the people who depend on Obamacare and voted for Trump. … Continue reading

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Global Warming Discussion Thread (moved from the “Six Kinds of Republican” thread

There is now a significant discussion of global warming and denialism going on in the “Six Kinds of Republican” thread. I’m creating this post to move those comments to.

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Cartoon: The Six Kinds of Republican

This was originally published on Fusion. They have a lot of great cartoons in their archives. If you like this, consider supporting my Patreon! There’s a tendency among conservatives to act as if racists are unicorns . That is, they … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Oh Those Intolerant Liberals!

Whoops! This cartoon is from February 3rd, but I was tired then and forgot to post it here. Here’s what I wrote about it on February 3rd, on my Patreon: Another strip based on current events. I’ve been drawing all … Continue reading

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Open Thread and Link Farm, Dancing In The Wind Edition

Ponies | Popehat The Ponies category at Popehat is awesome. You will learn more about the pony threat then you ever imagined. (Thanks Mandolin!) Why Trump wants to get rid of the “Johnson Amendment” If Churches can become tax-free political … Continue reading

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Cartoon: We’ve Not Anti-Immigrant, They Say


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Cartoon: What We Tell Fat People

I have a new cartoon up at Everyday Feminism!

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Open Thread and Link Farm, My What Big Protests You Have Grandma Edition

Women’s marches: More than one million protesters vow to resist President Trump – The Washington Post Do Political Protests Matter? Evidence From The Tea Party Movement. “Policy making was also affected, as incumbents responded to large protests in their district … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Our Choices

Transcript of cartoon: OUR CHOICES (The title of the comic strip, “Our Choices,” is printed in large letters at the top of the cartoon.) Panel 1 (A woman and a man talk, the woman holding her hands out, palms up, … Continue reading

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Free Speech On Campus, Attacked By The Right And The Left – Which Somehow Gets Reported As A Near-Exclusive Threat From The Left

(Although she may not agree with everything I wrote here, I want to acknowledge that this post was improved by a discussion I had with Jaz Twersky. Thanks, Jaz!) Four stories that I’ve run across recently: 1. Attacks on Tenure. … Continue reading

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