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Cartoon: The Six Kinds of Republican

This was originally published on Fusion. They have a lot of great cartoons in their archives. If you like this, consider supporting my Patreon! There’s a tendency among conservatives to act as if racists are unicorns . That is, they … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Oh Those Intolerant Liberals!

Whoops! This cartoon is from February 3rd, but I was tired then and forgot to post it here. Here’s what I wrote about it on February 3rd, on my Patreon: Another strip based on current events. I’ve been drawing all … Continue reading

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Cartoon: What We Tell Fat People

I have a new cartoon up at Everyday Feminism!

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Cartoon: Our Choices

Transcript of cartoon: OUR CHOICES (The title of the comic strip, “Our Choices,” is printed in large letters at the top of the cartoon.) Panel 1 (A woman and a man talk, the woman holding her hands out, palms up, … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Special Treatment

If you enjoy my political cartoons, please consider supporting them on Patreon. TRANSCRIPT Panel one shows a man wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk, talking to a woman who looks unhappy about what he’s saying. The man is … Continue reading

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New SuperButch page, and, Beagles.

I’ve been slacking off on mentioning new SuperButch pages here – the last one I mentioned was page three, and we’ve just posted page eight. For those of you who want to read starting with page four, here’s a link. … Continue reading

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74 unpopular opinions about comics. And counting.

So there’s a meme going around comics twitter, where you post a tweet with a graphic that says “1 like, 1 unpopular comics opinion.” And then, however many “likes” that tweet gets, you post that many unpopular opinions about something … Continue reading

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Cartoon: At the Pro-Life Strategy Meeting

My new cartoon is up at Everyday Feminism! Please check it out.

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SuperButch page 3!

On time for three weeks in a row! Whoooo!

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SuperButch page 2!

Posted on time two weeks in a row! We’ll see how long we can keep that up. :-)

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