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Cartoon: Our Choices

Transcript of cartoon: OUR CHOICES (The title of the comic strip, “Our Choices,” is printed in large letters at the top of the cartoon.) Panel 1 (A woman and a man talk, the woman holding her hands out, palms up, … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Special Treatment

If you enjoy my political cartoons, please consider supporting them on Patreon. TRANSCRIPT Panel one shows a man wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk, talking to a woman who looks unhappy about what he’s saying. The man is … Continue reading

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New SuperButch page, and, Beagles.

I’ve been slacking off on mentioning new SuperButch pages here – the last one I mentioned was page three, and we’ve just posted page eight. For those of you who want to read starting with page four, here’s a link. … Continue reading

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74 unpopular opinions about comics. And counting.

So there’s a meme going around comics twitter, where you post a tweet with a graphic that says “1 like, 1 unpopular comics opinion.” And then, however many “likes” that tweet gets, you post that many unpopular opinions about something … Continue reading

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Cartoon: At the Pro-Life Strategy Meeting

My new cartoon is up at Everyday Feminism! Please check it out.

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SuperButch page 3!

On time for three weeks in a row! Whoooo!

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SuperButch page 2!

Posted on time two weeks in a row! We’ll see how long we can keep that up. :-)

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SuperButch Page 1 Is Up!

Becky Hawkins and I have posted the first page of our new webcomic “SuperButch!” It’s about a lesbian superhero in the 1940s protecting the bar scene from corrupt cops. We’re really excited about this! I’m writing, and Becky’s doing art … Continue reading

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Jack Chick, Creator of Unintentionally Ludicrous Evangelical Comics, RIP

Jack Chick, arguably one of the most widely-read cartoonists in the world, has died. He was in his nineties. If you’re not familiar with Chick Comics (those tiny little comics fundamentalist preachers give out on street corners), here’s a fairly … Continue reading

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Cartoon: TRIAL

This is my new cartoon on Everyday Feminism. Please go check it out! (Content warning for sexual harassment.)

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