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Cartoon: Token White Male Character

I can only make these cartoons because of my supporters on Patreon! If you can spare it, please join them! A $1 pledge really matters. If you don’t pay attention to online discussions of diversity in media, well then: Good … Continue reading

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Cartoon: The Puerto Rico Loop

If you enjoy these comics, please support them on Patreon. A $1 pledge means a lot. The ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico is being mostly ignored by virtually all institutions on the mainland. It’s impossible to imagine that the crisis … Continue reading

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Cartoon: Hiring

If you enjoy these cartoons, please support them on Patreon. Transcript of cartoon: Panel 1 The panel shows two white men; one is wearing a turtleneck shirt, the other is wearing a necktie with a sweatervest. Both are balding, but … Continue reading

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Journalists Can’t Be Bothered To Fact-Check Their Stories About College

In The Atlantic, Columbia professor Jon Cole writes: Today, nearly half of a random sample of roughly 3,000 college students surveyed by Gallup earlier this year are supportive of restrictions on certain forms of free speech on campus, and 69 … Continue reading

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What Is “The Male Gaze”?

The first use of the term “male” gaze, in 1975, was in an essay by Laura Mulvey: In a world ordered by sexual imbalance, pleasure in looking has been split between active/male and passive/female. The determining male gaze projects its … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan’s Interview Fail With Janet Mock

Privilege can lead to double-perception; two people look at the same thing and see something entirely different. I used to think of a particular street as a fine place to walk, and was taken aback when a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Promise You’ll Never Do That Again

The Simpsons, 1992: FOX news, yesterday: “You see how easy it is? I could be an international rap star!” “Those lyrics were actually very good.” Wow. Via.

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An Open Letter to the Left

Hello. It’s Jeff. I know, I don’t blog much lately. I’ve been busy. I have a job that’s actually fairly demanding and a 9-year-old kid and a life. Plus, I have to admit, given a choice between writing jeremiads or … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Take a Great Notion to Jump in the River and Drown

Hurricane Irene had barely cleared New York City yesterday when the chattering classes burst forth, proclaiming loudly that we’d all been worried for nothing. The storm was overhyped. Why, there was hardly any damage to the Big Apple! This proved … Continue reading

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Leave it to the voters to decide who is a viable candidate: On the media’s non-coverage of Ron Paul

Kevin Drum and Jonathan Bernstein say essentially the same thing regarding the press deciding not to cover Ron Paul’s campaign, which I’d sum up as: It’s obvious Paul has no chance of being the next President, so the press is … Continue reading

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