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Quote: Make It More Ethnic

I have been on sets before when a director says ‘can you make it more ethnic?’ I always say ‘can you demonstrate to me how you want it done?’ That usually ends it. –Yvette Nicole Brown Reading this article by … Continue reading

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Revise and Extend

So I think I’ve been unfair to Glenn Beck. “But Jeff,” you say, “Glenn Beck is rarely fair to other people. Why should you be fair to him?” Well, dear reader, it’s precisely because I’m not Glenn Beck, and I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Political Speech in the wake of Arizona

There are just a few thoughts I have about all of this that I wanted to share. First, Sarah Palin. As Xeni Jardin says, “I try to avoid blogging about Sarah Palin, for the same reasons I’ve tried to avoid … Continue reading

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Straight Flowing on a Boat in the Deep Blue Sea

Remember James O’Keefe III? Sure you do! He’s the guy who (didn’t actually) dress(ed) as a pimp and shot selectively-edited video in order to bring down ACORN, which thanks to a heavy assist from FOX and Andrew Breitbart, and the … Continue reading

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The Controversy Over Park51 (Cordoba House) Was Manufactured by Fox

Or at least that’s what Frank Rich, citing Salon’s Justin Elliott, wrote in his August 22 op-ed column, “How Fox Betrayed Petraeus.” (You can find links if you click through to the whole column.) We owe thanks to Justin Elliott … Continue reading

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Guest Repost: Tansy Rayner Roberts–Joanna Russ's How to Suppress Women's Writing Is a Book that Must Not Be Forgotten

The following is a response to Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing, reposted with permission from Tansy Rayner Roberts. Roberts is a Tasmanian writer with a fantasy trilogy called The Creature Court coming out from HarperVoyager starting June 2010, … Continue reading

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Women and Men

So there’s an ad campaign out there that’s been slowly driving me…well, I’d say it’s driving me to drink, but actually, it’s doing quite the opposite. I guess it’s driving me to sobriety. The ad campaign is in support of … Continue reading

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This can’t be a documentary. The ad pitch makes far more sense than the real pitches for men’s grooming products would. Manly Men’s Ads – watch more funny videos (Via Tracy Clark-Flory)

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The Thinning of Amanda Waller

Rachel Edidin described Amanda Waller: There is no one–no one–in the D.C. Universe more badass than Amanda Waller. She is smarter than Batman. She is tougher than Darkseid. And she is one of the most morally and humanly complex characters … Continue reading

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Asking For It

So! Ever been to a beach? Ever worn a revealing swimsuit? Well congratulations! You didn’t know it, but you were asking to be raped. Oh, you may not have thought so, but you’re not a CNN Headline News anchor, so … Continue reading

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