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Cartoon: It’s A Matter Of Perspective

[spoiler]Panel 1 An old man, who is a Senator, wearing a suit and tie, sits behind a large desk. There is an American flag behind the desk. SENATOR: I love being a Senator. Lots of assistants, comfy chair, the pay … Continue reading

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“Exhaustion” doesn’t mean “broke”

The Washington Post, justifying their claim that Social Security is “going broke,” writes: Is “going broke” too strong? Well, let’s ask the experts — the trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund, who include President Obama’s Treasury, labor, and health … Continue reading

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Fair is fair: Kindergarten and the American Dream

Kindergarten showcases many basic principles which most of us learn there or at our parents’ knees:  take turns, share the toys, fair is fair, and so on.  Later on, “fair is fair” gets refined in many ways, one of which … Continue reading

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No. We Wouldn't.

I was never a Deaniac. I supported him for DNC chair precisely because I thought his reckless rhetoric would work well for the leader of an opposition party, and that his fifty-state strategy had merit. But I most certainly did … Continue reading

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Bush's Chief Economist Predicts Social Security "Crisis" Will Never Happen

Capital Commerce1 quotes Edward Lazear, the Chair of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, answering a question about productivity growth: I wouldn’t necessarily say 3 percent. But I would expect that we could expect to see high rates, perhaps not quite … Continue reading

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