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The Mystical Pregnancy Trope

A video from Feminist Frequency. I think her argument loses focus towards the end, and generally needs more nuance, but is still worth watching: (Transcript here.) I think the way to think of this, is something like The Bechdel Test. … Continue reading

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Unexpectedly, Grace

Amp has very kindly granted me permission to guest-blog at Alas!.  This is daunting:  the signal-to-noise ratio here is astonishingly high, even though the topics are often fraught.  I asked Amp delicately for guidance.  He cheerfully told me to write … Continue reading

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Continuing a Discussion about Brit Milah

Commenting in the thread about the circumcision ban that has been proposed in San Francisco, Chingona wrote the following: Secondly … and here I’m trying to put into words something that I think is felt on a subconscious and instinctual level … Continue reading

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Why is this wrong? Because grammar

I am only going to respond to half a sentance of Dita De Boni’s ridiculous article about slutwalk, because life is too short to pay attention to the rest. She says: I can’t see the value in putting yourself out … Continue reading

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“Why I Am A Feminist Man” Published by The Scavenger

I have been away from any really substantive blogging, or work on my other writing projects, since my grandmother died because I’ve been busy catching up on everything that accumulated on my desk, work-related and otherwise, while I was dealing … Continue reading

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To Be Seen Is To Be Known and We All Want To Be Known (NSFW)

Consider yourself warned: the image below the fold is definitely not safe for work. I found it on Library Vixen’s tumblr, who must’ve found it on The painting is called, simply, “Penis;” the artist is named Ellen Altfest, and … Continue reading

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Men Breastfeeding Their Children

My friend Amy King posted this video on Facebook. I am not sure why the breastfeeding expert is sitting naked in a bathtub in a candlelit room, and I have to admit that image does make it difficult to take … Continue reading

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Our Newest Superhero: Foreskin Man?

I found a link to Foreskin Man on The Good Man Project. To respond fully will require a more careful reading than I can give the comic now, but even paging quickly through issue two reveals an awful lot that … Continue reading

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Fragments of Evolving Manhood: Korea 2

Since Alas has been away for a while, here is a link to Part 1 for those who’d like to read it. I’d been in Korea for two weeks when I decided it was time to venture on my own … Continue reading

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Fragements of Evolving Manhood: Do You Like Your Body 5

“You don’t know who you are anymore!” We’ve just finished eating lunch and my grandmother is sitting across from me at her dining room table. “All your traveling, your reading, exploring other cultures,” she purses her lips and looks down. … Continue reading

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