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All the movies watched by Presidents Carter and Reagan

Don’t know why I find this so interesting, but I do, so I might as well share it with you folks. Every Single Movie That Jimmy Carter Watched at the White House And FILMS PRESIDENT AND MRS. REAGAN VIEWED (Chronologically … Continue reading

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A List Of Musicals I’ve Seen Live

Scene from the production of “Sweeney Todd” I saw in 2023 So I was chatting with Myca earlier today, and he mentioned seeing Amelie The Musical and wanted to know if I’d like the Playbill. No, I said, I don’t … Continue reading

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“Minions” may beat “Lava” for most sexist kid’s movie of the year

“Lava,” as I hope you don’t recall, is the animated short that accompanies “Inside Out,” the otherwise wonderful new Pixar movie. As I’ve said before, some cartoonists draw women as “visual aliens”; men are allowed to be earthy and funny-looking … Continue reading

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I Disagree With People On Tumblr About Dr. Horrible And About The Minimum Wage

I disagree with people on Tumblr: Is Dr. Horrible A Sexist “Nice Guy” Narrative? I disagree with people on Tumblr part 2: Why We Should NOT Abolish The Minimum Wage

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Enough with the torture scenes, please

A scene from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” in which Captain America and Black Widow are trying to get information from a bad guy: Jasper Sitwell: Is this little display meant to insinuate that you’re gonna throw me off the … Continue reading

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TV and Movies I’ve Watched Lately: The Slap, Dear White People, Time Lapse, Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast, Sarah Conner Chronicles, The Hobbit

The Slap. The first episode of the American TV show made me recall something Gore Vidal once wrote: “Bad books on writing tell you to “WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW”, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there … Continue reading

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“Tribes” by Nina Raine

(Spoilers ahoy!) I saw a performance of “Tribes,” the award-winning play by British playwright Nina Raine, today. It was good, but… is there a word in English for “something so good that it becomes actively frustrating that it wasn’t better“? … Continue reading

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Red Pills and Ants

Recent events at a blog that rhymes with Shmetal-Moptimized reminded me of the existence of sociobiology and of people who imagine that human beings – and ants and bonobos and every other species — are driven primarily by biological imperatives, … Continue reading

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Let’s discuss the Into The Woods movie!

(Spoilers ahead! Also, the above image collage was swiped from ArtInsights Magazine.) I saw Into The Woods on Christmas, as part of my annual “Chinese food & a movie” Christmas tradition. Some thoughts: 1) Johnny Depp played the Wolf as … Continue reading

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Because White People Represent All Humanity While Non-White People Are Weird And Distracting

An interview with Ari Handel, the co-screenwriter of the movie “Noah,” asked him about the movie’s all-white casting. Handel’s answer really captured a lot that is wrong with how Hollywood thinks about race: Q: While there’s a lot of diversity … Continue reading

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