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People Who Care About Politics Can’t Do Math

Here’s a math problem: Medical researchers have developed a new cream fro treating skin rashes. New treatments often work but sometimes make rashes worse. Even when treatments don’t work, skin rashes sometimes get better and sometimes get worse on their … Continue reading

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Today is a good day to donate to the Carl Brandon Society

…because your pledge will be matched, perhaps a couple of times over. Details here. And in what I am sure is a total coincidence, this happened today. So, yeah.

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For All Academics/Writers Who Read Alas: A Call for Papers You Might be Interested In

In April 2014, I will be chairing a seminar called “Writers & Critics: Gender Studies Forum” at the Northeast Modern Language Association’s annual conference in Harrisberg, Pennsylvania (April 3-6). The conference website is here and the full CFP page is here. Listed … Continue reading

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The Media Double Standard Regarding Muslims And/Or Christians

Scott Alexander: Whenever the media says something negative about Christians, comments and blogs and forums immediately fill up with claims that the media loves picking on Christians and that no one would ever publish a similar story about Muslims for … Continue reading

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Christmas email to my niece

(My niece got a copy of my new book for Christmas, and emailed me saying that she enjoyed the book and asking me if I’ll sign it. I don’t think Jemma will mind if I share the email I sent … Continue reading

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A few random thoughts regarding civility and blog moderation

Over at Family Scholars Blog, the powers-that-be are planning to modify their moderation policy, and they’ve asked bloggers there to throw in some thoughts about civility over the next month. So this is a post I wrote for FSB, in … Continue reading

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“Even Nice Jewish Girls Have Vibrators,” from Jezebel

This piece, by Sarah Tuttle-Singer, will make you plotz: But then, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, the rabbi yanked the drawer open, and in the process activated the iRabbit’s on-switch. Whirring, buzzing, and gyrating, this vibrator, unlike … Continue reading

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The Earle/Eagle Theater and The Betsy Ross

I don’t remember where I had to go, but I was happy to be taking the subway. The route I took is a route I’ve been taking for more than thirty years now, going back to when I was a … Continue reading

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My dream last night

President Obama was a serial killer. He was staying at a house on the woods and decided to sneak out at night to stake out the home of his next intended victims. He got chased through the woods by a … Continue reading

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Dinner in Chicago this Saturday night?

Hey, if you’re in Chicago and would like to have dinner with me this Saturday night, somewhere near the Majestic Hotel, please drop me an email. (Or leave a comment.)

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