Cat Drawing! Pete is a Cupcake

cat in bowl

This is one of the images I used in Scragamuffin, the chapbook I released as October’s exclusive Patreon reward. I thought it might be fun to release the pictures with the photos that inspired them.


cat in bowlPete was a pretty large cat. This is a substantial-sized mixing bowl which explains how he got into it, but the way his fur spills over the edges makes it look like the bowl is much too small. I think he looks like a cupcake.


Drawing this image was interesting because the photograph is relatively low quality so I had to do some guessing. I also wasn’t sure whether the technique of using empty pencil lines to sketch in background elements would work when the bowl is such a pivotal part of the image, but I think the empty space works in contrast to the density of fur, and helps emphasize Pete’s expression.
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