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There's a "Hitting Girls Is Cool" Page on Facebook

Check it out. Here is John Krautzner’s–he’s the creator and self-styled “Alpha Male” on the page–post called “Reasons to Hit Girls:” There are many reasons to hit girls. First of all, it keeps those bitches in line. If a girl … Continue reading

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My fruitless search for the best twitter/facebook client

Here’s what I want: A program which will keep track of both my twitter feed and my facebook feed, with pop-up notifications to let me know when one of my friends posts something new. And that pop-up should have useful … Continue reading

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ABW and FaceBook, Round 2

So something weird happened to the first ABW FaceBook page. Not a clue, and I didn’t have the energy to worry about it at the time (layoffs, life upheavals, you know the drill).  A second ABW FaceBook page has is now live and is more stable. I know a bunch of people became fans before… […] Continue reading

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Facebook photos

I’m not really keen on having photos of myself on facebook and flicker accounts. As in, I’d greatly prefer that people didn’t take photos at parties and such and then post the ones of me publicly, without permission, tagged with … Continue reading

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Making Fear a Thing of Beauty

A reading and workshop built around strategies for turning what scares you into art. When: December 12, 2015, 2:00 – 3:30 PM Where: QED Astoria, 27–16 23rd Avenue, Astoria NY 11105 To buy $5 tickets click here. Here’s the Facebook … Continue reading

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A Publication Announcement & An Upcoming Event

I have some very exciting news! Ghostbird Press has agreed to publish For My Son, A Kind of Prayer, a chapbook of poems about being a father and raising a son. If all goes well, the book should be out … Continue reading

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Recommendation Roundup 10/12/15

Hello, internet world. On my social media, I’m posting links to things I’ve written, things other people have written, and artists to support. I wanted to gather those links in one place, so each Monday I will put up a … Continue reading

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Open Thread and Link Farm, Gerrymandered Edition

“Atena Farghadani is a 28-year-old Iranian artist. She was recently sentenced to 12 years and 9 months in prison for drawing a cartoon.” How to make sense of Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP official accused of passing for black – Vox … Continue reading

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I Stand By Irene Gallo

“Nielsen-Haydens, your fellow travelers, and media goombahs . . . I MOCK YOU! I MOCK YOUR ASININE INCESTUOUS CLUSTERFUCKED LITTLE CULTURE OF DOCTRINAIRE PROGRESSOSEXUAL MEDIOCRITY MASKED AS SUPERIORITY! You are all dolts. You are moral and physical cowards. You are … Continue reading

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I really don’t have anything to say. But I can quote. Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Nonviolence as Compliance“: Now, tonight, I turn on the news and I see politicians calling for young people in Baltimore to remain peaceful and “nonviolent.” These well-intended … Continue reading

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