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Clinton’s Role in the Honduras Coup

Postmarxed writes: Q: What did Hillary to do Honduras? As secretary of state in 2009, she helped orchestrate a coup against a center-left president there, which resulted in a wave of political killings.  LGBT activists and peasant activists in particular … Continue reading

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Here Comes Another Post About Mexico

Auguste is right — this really might be the dumbest cartoon ever in the history of the entire universe. And this is not just the universe where Chris Muir lives, but the one Bruce Tinsley lives in, too! I’m not … Continue reading

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The Truth is Out There

The anti-choice activists have completely dispensed with reality, and have gone on to just making stuff up: The Obama administration’s actions to respond to the outbreak of swine flu, including its declaration of a public health emergency, smacks of an … Continue reading

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Okay, there’s no need to panic, but the H1N1 outbreak in Mexico may well be cause for concern. But hopefully not too much of one: So swine flu has come out of nowhere. It has unfortunately killed some people, and … Continue reading

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Obama and Chavez: "Hombres del Fuego"

I knew Fox News was bad and wasn’t even really an actual journalistic television station, but this? Damn! The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c This Week in Demagogues – Ahmadinejad & Chavez Daily … Continue reading

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