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A Civil Discussion: Should SSM Opponents Lose Their Children?

I think that as our understanding of what it means to be a parent evolves and our understanding of how damaging homophobia is evolves, we must consider the possibility that opponents of Same Sex Marriage are, by teaching their children … Continue reading

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The latest from UC Davis

This is a general update on the UC Davis Occupation, the illegal police assault on multiple students, and the fallout. It’s a little stream of consciousness, because there’s a lot to cover. For those of you who don’t know, UC Davis, the … Continue reading

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Prop 8 Proponents Have Standing To Defend It In Court

NPR Report The Full Decision I think this is the right decision. I’m in favor of full legal equality for all citizens. I don’t believe that there is a legitimate state interest in restricting marriage rights to heterosexual couples. I … Continue reading

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We Are The 99 Percent

Hey, you busy? Not doing much? You feel like sobbing like a baby? Then read the We Are The 99 Percent tumblr. It’s just a collection of personal stories from people who have worked hard within this cruelly rigged system … … Continue reading

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Is Taxation Theft?

There’s an argument you get a lot from either Libertarian-types or Republican economic-conservative types in general, which goes something like, “My money’s my money, and it’s not only a bad idea (in a pragmatic way) for the government to take … Continue reading

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My wife pointed me to an excellent, if infuriating, blog last night, and I was up until 2 AM reading through it. Microaggressions is a blog about the little daily fuck-yous that populate the world if your race, gender, ethnicity, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Political Speech in the wake of Arizona

There are just a few thoughts I have about all of this that I wanted to share. First, Sarah Palin. As Xeni Jardin says, “I try to avoid blogging about Sarah Palin, for the same reasons I’ve tried to avoid … Continue reading

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Two Quick Links

School is eating my brain and I’m going to China in a week, so I’ve not been Mr. Blogger-pants of late. I did want to post two links I’ve read lately, though. I Don’t Respect You, by Emily Nagoski – … Continue reading

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Political Attitude Test

Hey, folks. There’s a general political bias test below that I’d like people to take if they have a free moment. I don’t want to know anyone’s individual answers to individual questions, but if those who take it could post … Continue reading

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Q: What is a Black Man's Life Worth?

A: A black mans’ life is worth 2-4 years of a white man’s life. I heard about the verdict just after my wife and I left Mandolin’s place, where we’d met her for lunch. As we drove north on 101, … Continue reading

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